Who are we?

Inspire Basketball School is a student athlete program created by Emmanuel Diyoka Mulowayi former NCAA assistant coach and former Head Coach of The NBA Basketball School Dubai. This project is more than basketball , it is a movement that challenges every single athlete who joins our program to become a better person by embracing the greatest values of life. Our wish is to lead our players to be responsible and to become an inspiration for others. We have a specific methodology of training to develop female and male athletes from all background. IB School is a basketball development initiative that provides student athletes from 6 to 14 years old with a holisitc approach to player development, leadership, and a predictable pathway to maximize their potential. We focus on developing confidence, life skills, and character development . We want to give them an opportunity to train at a high level and learn to play the game the right way. We provide camps that not only challenge them technically, and mentally but we do give our players opportunities to learn from top professional players. We strongly believe that this will motivate them but mostly inspire them to work even harder to reach their potential.

What Do we do?

We work with our athletes and their parents to help them achieve their athletic and academic goals through our values, our work ethic, and by teaching them to be responsible for their personal commitments. We offer tutoring for our students who need help to succeed in school. Through our “books and ball after school” program to enable them to succeed. We do mentorship for athletes (12-18years old) who need to be followed and advised. We offer, apart from our individual training sessions, a global follow-up of the player. Inspire Basketball School offers an advice unit to help elite level athletes with their sporting and educational choices if an athlete wishes to have a school and sporting experience abroad.